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La Terra Dios Westies is an Idaho-based breeder of purebred, show-quality West Highland White Terriers. Unlike other breeders who solely focus on the number of dogs, La Terra Dios focuses only on producing healthy and well-adjusted puppies for discerning owners. They provide socialization services from birth with full home visits to make sure each pup leaves their house ready to be loved by all members of their new family!

Destiny King Productions had the daunting task of updating La Terra Dios’ dark and outdated website to be a bright, lead-producing powerhouse. With our innovative design services, we were able to create an attractive site while still capturing their branding for them! Now that they have this new hotspot on the web, it’s been proven not only creative but also highly effective in bringing results with ease.
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An Idaho Breeder With a Difference.

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