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CENTURY 21 Beutler & Associates is a company that focuses on changing the home buying and selling experience by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. They work with top-quality agents who are ready to take you through every step of your journey from start to finish! CENTURY 21 Beutler & Associates offers their clients access to many homes in Idaho or Washington so agents can find the perfect home for their clients no matter where life takes them!

Destiny King Productions is the social media and marketing partner for CENTURY 21 Beutler & Associates. By providing stunning graphics, affordable discounts, education on thriving in the digital world–particularly with Facebook Live video streaming and Instagram Stories posting capabilities!–and complete management of their brokerage’s online presence through platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin; these guys are RELENTLESS when it comes to putting your business front-of-mind!
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The Future of Real Estate.

Social Media is a challenge for every team. For some, it's the COOLEST way to make friends and influence people- for others, it feels about as fun as getting a root canal on your day off! Fortunately, CENTURY 21 Beutler & Associates reached out to us when they were overwhelmed from being involved in all of their social media channels (too many options!) and needing professional guidance.

Their social media platforms are taking off! We have helped them grow their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers by a combined average of 82% after only one year. What's even more impressive? They increased engagement on these platforms too – they saw a 95% increase in average user engagements for the first twelve months of working with us on their Facebook; 709% profile visits through Twitter over that same time period; An average increase of 110% boost in comment engagements through Instagram. Overall their campaign is a full success and has allowed them to establish themselves as local experts in their Real Estate industry!

And if you're wondering about how digital marketing can help your company go viral: well, we've got you covered there as well because our team specializes in increasing monthly engaged users within just 12 months of launching our strategy.

"Destiny King Productions took the guessing game out of our Social Media Woes! Gone are the days of struggling to find content or designing the content! As the Branch Manager, it’s always been a real struggle for me to figure out what to post, how often to post, where to post, and designing the post... Thank you to Destiny and the Team for taking the burden and stress off me and for doing such a great job getting our company out there! Our content and our social media presence is 121% Century 21 Relentless!"

Jennifer K., CENTURY 21 Beutler & Associates.
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