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Destiny King Productions.

Destiny King Production is a small but dynamic digital team that focuses on simplifying your marketing process. We are a group of go-getters, specializing in every aspect of the modern digital world. We leverage our knowledge and expertise to provide you with everything that may be necessary for your business’s growth: web development, marketing strategies, content writing, social media marketing – we can do it all. Our team is based in Spokane, Washington, and was founded in 2015. We have the opportunity to provide our services to companies from all around the world.

Digital Market Expert. Brand Ambassador. Active Gamer. Traveler.

Destiny King

Destiny King is a digital marketing expert with a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Animation. She started coding at the age of 10 because she was inspired by her mother, who also coded and loved a challenge. With such a strong passion for creating things from scratch (and making them better), as well as having 13 years of experience on how to market a product, she decided to create Destiny King Productions in order to help others grow their business.

Social Media Manager. Content Strategist. Cat Lady. Mother of One.

Ninarae Kieffer

Ninarae Kieffer is an avid social media manager and graphic designer who believes in the importance of accuracy and detail. When she isn’t working, her time away from the computer is spent exploring with her son, discovering new places, and trying new things. Ninarae’s work creating visuals for brands on both local and national levels shapes the social media impact for Destiny King Productions. Her commitment to integrity makes sure that quality remains authentic throughout each project, no matter how big or small they are.

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